Completion: March 2023

The AMNIS residence, situated at 21, rue Centrale in Limpach, comprises a delightful small condominium with six units. Its architecture seamlessly blends with the charming village style of the surrounding buildings.

Retaining its rural character, the residence exudes a modern allure, captivating visitors with its simplicity and enviable location.

What sets this residence apart is its monolithic construction, utilizing a high-performance insulating block that eliminates the need for expanded polystyrene on the façade.

The building’s load-bearing structure and thermal insulation are skillfully achieved through the use of Poroton insulating blocks, crafted from terracotta. These blocks ensure both strength and efficient temperature regulation, contributing to the exceptional energy performance of the building.

Poroton brick offers a host of advantageous properties:

1. Exceptional Insulation: Poroton brick provides high levels of insulation and thermal protection without requiring additional insulation for the external walls. This ensures optimal energy efficiency, reducing heating and cooling costs.

2. Thermal Inertia and Heat Storage: The brick’s thermal inertia and heat storage capacity contribute to a comfortable living environment all year round. A Poroton brick house stays pleasantly warm in winter and cool in summer, maintaining a consistent and pleasant temperature.

3. Sound Insulation: With good acoustic insulation properties, Poroton brick helps create a peaceful and serene living space by reducing external noise disturbances.

4. Fire Protection: Poroton brick offers robust fire protection, enhancing the safety and security of the building and its occupants.

5. Electromagnetic Wave Shielding: The brick’s composition provides protection against electromagnetic waves, ensuring a healthy and secure indoor environment.

6. Healthy Construction: Poroton brick is made from natural materials, promoting a healthy indoor air quality and a sustainable living environment.

7. Longevity and Stable Value: Thanks to its durability and resistance to environmental factors, buildings constructed with Poroton brick stand the test of time, retaining their value and appeal over the years.

In conclusion, choosing Poroton brick for construction projects offers a multitude of benefits, ranging from superior insulation and energy efficiency to enhanced comfort and safety, making it an ideal choice for modern and sustainable building solutions.

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Trend House - Slider - Projet - Amnis
Trend House - Slider - Projet - Amnis