Completion: October 2020

The ESKADA residence was erected at 21, rue Clairefontaine in Diekirch, on a sloping terrain, which presented a significant construction challenge.

However, thanks to close collaboration with the architect, we successfully brought this magnificent residence of five units to life on this inclined plot. Extensive earthworks and stabilization efforts were required to overcome the constraints of the land. The efforts and challenges overcome were well worth it, as we were able to optimize the space and create stunning outdoor areas. The apartments on the second floor even benefit from small gardens at the back, providing a serene green oasis in the heart of the city.

The layout of the residence has been thoughtfully designed to harmonize with its surroundings. It is slightly set back from the road, giving it a sense of discretion and a peaceful atmosphere. This might make it seem easily missed when passing by in a car, but once you discover this hidden gem of a residence, you are immediately enchanted by its charm and elegance.

The ESKADA residence stands as a successful architectural feat, seamlessly blending beautiful design with functionality and comfort for its residents. It perfectly embodies the marriage of aesthetics and problem-solving, creating an exceptional living space in a naturally demanding setting.

However, upon closer observation, it is evident that the ESKADA residence stands out as the most beautiful on the street. The use of high-quality materials, such as glass railings and windows with exterior aluminum covers, along with the meticulous landscaping of the surrounding spaces, bestows a truly remarkable architectural appearance upon this building.

Every detail has been meticulously considered to create a modern and elegant aesthetic that captivates at first glance. The glass railings add a sense of lightness while offering transparency that allows full enjoyment of the surrounding views. The windows with their exterior aluminum covers not only enhance the modern aesthetics but also provide effective protection against the elements.

In addition to the focus on the exterior appearance, the surrounding spaces have been thoughtfully designed and crafted, creating a harmonious and pleasant environment for the residents.

As for the origin of the name ESKADA, it was inspired during a getaway to Porto, Portugal. The topography of the residence, nestled on a hill with the Sûre river on the other side of the street, vaguely reminiscent of the city of Porto, renowned for its charming hills along the banks of the Douro river. As we wandered through the streets of Porto and climbed its many stairs, the name ESKADA came to us as an obvious choice, establishing a meaningful connection between this residence and the picturesque beauty of Porto’s landscapes.

Thus, the ESKADA residence embodies a perfect balance between architectural beauty and the inspiration found in iconic places like Porto, creating a unique and alluring living space that leaves a lasting impression and delights its residents.

Trend House - Slider - Projet - Diekirch - Eskada
Trend House - Slider - Projet - Diekirch - Eskada